What language does my intuition speak?

3 min readNov 3, 2021

Did you ever wonder?

I’ve been chasing an answer to this “language” question for a long time now.

And if it would have been just one clear question like the one I chose for the title it would have seemed manageable. But no, it came with the whole family of :

“What is actually intuition?

Why would I trust it?

Girl, did you actually leave that remaining trace of logic on the beach in Greece?

What about the psychological interpretation that intuition can only exist when there are enough similar events?

Are you making things up again?

You do realize that nobody actually cares, right?”

I could sense the spinning wheel when literally a leaf fell on my head so I could come back and realize that I was actually on my way to have lunch with two of my colleagues. The plan for the lunch was to talk about Patents, so I, the “Trademark Specialist” who couldn’t care less about patents was third wheeling with hidden hopes I will enjoy my food outside of the office and use the time to reply to some private emails, scroll through Instagram stories and, if the mood was appropriate, maybe even pretend that I actually care.

I started doing all that when I got hit again. Not by a leaf this time, but by two words used in patent drafting: Embodiment. Plurality. The English native speaker with its lovely British accent was so clearly articulating these words that even though I know nothing about their technical stuff, I got it so clearly. So apparently the patent enlightened people refer to embodiment as a sort of implication that the invention could have. Or in an even simpler sense, an example of what the invention could be used for. The cells of my brain literally started dancing. It seemed like a freestyle solo dance until it received the second word: Plurality. It was then when the dance started to match the music and the ideas started moving to the beats. For my logic mind, it formed into an “if/then” proposition.


< Embodiment can take several forms>

< Embodiment has different implications>

< Plurality means more>

<Intuition is embodied>


< Intuition can not be singular and is not set in stone>

At this point you might have realized that every logic mind would understand that my if/then proposition is a complete failure and almost an insult to Pascal that might actually come back from the deaths if he hears about this. But because I respect his findings, I will add also the missing part : “else” and I will continue my RE-programming as follows:


<Life is boring>

So if “embodiment”, which in a less patenty way I would have considered so far only in relation with one body has space for “more”, then “intuition” which seemed so solid because it knows THE (one, right, perfect) way also has space for more. You mean more ways? Yeees! There are more ways attached to the right way (if you still want to hold on to the right way concept) and, if you are awake, you will see them.

When I see there are more ways, intuition is allowed to guide me in all possible languages and the funny thing that it told me was :

I speak

Je parle



Ich spreche



Ja mówię





Take that, Georgy! You almost wanted to extract yourself from an experience that the moment was preparing you for such a long time because your mind had more entertaining stuff to think about. How about you actually stay in your body where intuition, knowing, love, guidance and a mountain of comfortable and uncomfortable feelings live all together? How about you actually embody the All there is for you? It’s only through this miraculous apparently “just bones, flesh and a monkey mind” you get to experience what life is unfolding in the moment for YOU. And this moment seems to be the only place life actually happens…

So, if you would stop and listen now, what is intuition telling you?