The story of a thought called Love

2 min readMay 29, 2021


…a translation that I would like to read

Let me see how good I will do with the translation of what will hopefully turn out to open up something in your world. I am talking to you now, the one that is filling his sleepless nights with “what ifs” or “if onlys”, the one that dreams without knowing that he is made OF dream, the one that doesn’t stop putting masks on just because he thinks that the world wants to see something else than he already is, the one that escapes the fear of living in a creative infinite just that he can be “normal”, the one that sees himself into thousand of pieces, I am talking to you now!

Let me tell you a story, one that I would like to read. Even though it’s not real, it’s a reality in someone’s mind so stay with me.

It’s the story of a thought called love. As much as you would like to engage with the concept around it and make ideas of what is and what is not, what it should or should not be, stick to it as one word: love. Hear it resonate in your mind in perfect harmony and sync with all the other thoughts sparkled by what you are reading. Let this one be the loudest, the strongest, the hardest you hold on to. Love. Recognize the judgment around it. Love. Sense the physical sensations that it awakened. Love. Breathe its scent. Love. Feel it on your skin. Love. Now stop. Let it disperse back where it came from.

Notice the resistance or the ease that you feel to putting an end to this thought and let this measure your attachment to your thinking and, eventually, if you look in that direction, the quality of your experience of life.

You will find there the strength of your excuses when it comes to following your dreams, the strength of the illusion of what you “should” show others that you are, the strength of the illusion that you are not what you seek. There is so much wisdom into that feeling or into the judgment that followed along when I asked you to stop.

How strong are you holding on to your thoughts and what does this do for you?

You always have a choice and the power to make a decision of how strong you are holding on to a thought because, regardless of how pleasant or unpleasant it feels, it’s your creation, your beauty or your misery, your love or your love, your love for a nice feeling or your love for a stormy one.

You are the Whole encapsulated in one creative form, deal with it!