2 min readJul 12, 2022

To everyone who is reading: thank you for being here. I can only assume that the title might not be so appealing but I also kind of know that this is something that we experience a lot.

We all have things that we want and sometimes we don’t seem to get or not as fast as we imagine to. We all have plans that seem to get disrupted when we get a “no”. And, starting from here, I would like to simplify the word rejection that can carry a lot of meaning and I will replace with a simpler one which is “No”. And if you want to add: not this, not now, not right, not for you.

Now, where it can all get mixed up and where it starts to feel different is when we look at “No” from a very personal important and solid perception. But let me ask you this: if “No” would be in fact, universal and impersonal, would there still be a difference between the “no” that you decide to give and the “no” that you receive?

As I see it now, there is no difference. A no is a no regardless if I say it or I receive it. And you can make it mean anything. You may realize that there is a reason, a bigger plan for you that caused a “no” , you may soon, when you look back actually make a meaning of what happened the way it did but you also don’t need to do that to make yourself feel better.

Simply acknowledge, be aware and grateful for every no/know that you receive. Because, just as a “Yes”, it is simply part of the guiding book.

It’s a simple arrow showing you the way, the path that you chose. Consciously or unconsciously, you have made a decision how to live this life. And you might not like this. I know it kind of hit me when I first heard it but your life now is based on your decisions.

Notice the difference though. I am not saying this to blame you, by all means, it’s not your fault but it is in your power and your responsibility to transform what does not feel right in this moment.

And if you choose peace, if you choose growth, if you choose transformation, “no” will be just a direction to follow with trust and faith that will take you exactly where you want to get or, how I like to see it, it will take you to places you couldn’t have possibly imagined.

I will come back to the question to kind of drop it again as an invitation to look for yourself this week: what if there is no difference between a “no” that you give and the “no” that you receive?

I will talk to you next time. In the meantime, do us all a favor and let your inner glamour shine.