One Direction

2 min readSep 16, 2022

To everyone who’s reading: thank you for being here.

I have been intrigued this week by an email that I received from one of my clients. It was nothing spectacular, it was in fact very random as I was just being informed of a change of address.

But there was this one sentence that made me literally stare at the screen for a couple of minutes that simply said: “I don’t live there anymore”.

Like I said, nothing spectacular and yet it was a great opportunity for me to realize that, even though I naturally moved away from my past, I still carried the old keys with me. And I know I’m not the only one this is why I feel free to share and I invite you to look for yourself and see what keys you still carry with you that you know will never open a new door and yet, you haven’t let go of?

You see, as long as you hold on to the keys, in a glimpse second you can find yourself walking in that direction again. It’s that easy. Because what we actually hold on to are thoughts and stories that we are used to follow until they seem so real and we may even end up taking action.

But if you have chosen to grow, evolve, live and create a future that you want to build for yourself, then you don’t need to carry anything with you.

You don’t need the old keys because the doors that you are heading towards are already open.

So this week I want to simply remind you that there are many ways but there is only one direction!

Stop for a moment and see for yourself if you’re walking in the direction you have chosen or you walk exactly the opposite way.

I know you hear all the time “Keep going, keep moving.” But if you keep walking and keep going in the opposite direction, you’re not doing yourself any good. It’s never too late to realize that, turn around and then keep walking.

If you’re walking towards what you have chosen with the quiet and peaceful enthusiasm that comes with anything new, what is old will automatically crack, you will do us all a favour and, through those cracks, you will let your inner glamour shine!

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