Handmade miracles

3 min readAug 30, 2022

To everyone who is reading: thank you for being here and if you would like me to read this to you, check out my podcast “The Inner Glamour” on Apple podcasts and Spotify.

If you decided to keep reading, today is about hand made miracles. The way I will write about this topic is by taking my closest feeling or, what I call a miracle and put it here on our virtual table while inviting you to uncover yours and do the same just to see what happens.

Now if you imagine we are sharing the same table you will want to make sure that you don’t put your flying buzzy thoughts on the table and you leave it somewhere aside.

The table is reserved for a miracle so it needs to be as clean as possible.

Even if thoughts run around all over the place you have the choice to allow them to play without any kind of engagement from your side. The more you allow them the farther they seem as you transfer your attention close to you.

Closer and closer and closer, so close that now you don’t even need your imagination anymore because now you’re home in the purest place in yourself.

The place where miracles are born, randomly born at a speed that our thoughts alone can never reach!

And even if nothing significant has changed for you so far I can tell you that you are there because you are always there as long as you are open. This space is so close that it can be so easily closed by our thinking that most of the times comes with an urge of doing something. Feel it close but not closed, let it open and the doing follows.

To come back to my invitation, now you can do something and put on the table what came to your mind. If it’s something it’s been bugging you for some time, put it on the table and leave it there and if there’s something new that you haven’t thought before, do something about it. Reach out to that person, write that email, ask for guidance.

Whatever it is, it is a miracle.

The power that we have been given to bring thoughts, pictures, things to life is a miracle!

The power that we have been given to let go of what we don’t need and pursue what we most desire is a miracle.

Any time you disregard this power, you are wasting a miracle. Any time you don’t act on an idea when you need to act and any time you do act from fear on something you know it would be better to let go of, you are wasting a miracle.

And yet, another one comes in a minute and you get another chance. The miracle factory is on 24 /7 but it will never produce anything without you, without your hands, without your words, without your actions. More than that, you have the power to close it. Don’t do that because, at the end of the day, what we do will ultimately makes a difference in the world. As small as we see our action, even when we think it will take so long until it will actually make an impact. None of these thoughts really matter.

It’s out there and it acts as a fuel for more miracles to happen.

Don’t sit on the side feeling sorry for yourself.

Don’t sit on the side feeling good about yourself.

Come and join this beautiful unfolding of life that we are all a part of because, ultimately, all you need to do is do us all a favor and, as best you can, let your inner glamour shine!